Prior to any agreement for me to provide a commissioned piece of work, I should be pleased to know of any preferences you have regarding subject matter, setting and size to include mount and frame.
Most of my current work is 70 x 48 cm (90 x 70 cm framed), but this can be varied to suit.

My current framing is a plain light or medium oak, should this not be your preference it might be better for me to supply the work unframed.

Whilst I do work from live sketches, I also take and work from photographs.
If the work is for a surprise gift I am happy to work from medium/high resolution digital photographs supplied by you.

Having agreed terms I would be grateful for a deposit of £100 towards expenses to be incurred in completing the work, with the balance due upon delivery.  Written receipts will be supplied.

I hope the above is acceptable to you but should you have any queries please get in touch.